Make Clothes


Create a Pattern

Start creating your pattern from scratch, use the five-step tool and send us your idea.

Edit a Pattern

Start editing your pattern, you can only edit a pattern that we have previously created.

Develop a Pattern

Start developing your pattern, you can only develop a pattern that we have previously created.

We produce clothing patterns and first samples at the request of designers or fashion companies.
The study of the pattern is carried out by experienced pattern-makers with all the criteria of sartorial and industrial pattern-making and aims to satisfy the concept that you want to give to the garment.
After sending us the sketch, we will process the order and within 15 days you will receive the first sample, its graphic in HPGL format and the model in DXF format.
After receiving it, you will be able to modify it and, if you wish, we will study the size development for you.

We have hundreds of models in our archive that you might find useful if you don’t have a figure to send us.
Once you have purchased a preset, you will be able to modify it in the same way and if you wish we will study the development of the sizes for you.

We can help you with the production of your garments without quantity limits.
The complete production process is carried out in Italy.
After cutting, sewing and ironing your garments, we go through quality control and then packaging and shipping.

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